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SAE (Serviços de Aconselhamento de Espinho) is a Therapeutic Unit specialized in the treatment of a wide variety of underlying Psychological Addictions and Problems.

Our goal has been to develop rehabilitation programs for alcoholism, drugs and other addictions, adapted to the portuguese reality. By treating the person as a whole and addressing the issue of addiction from a variety of angles, our clients have the opportunity to achieve an effective and lasting recovery.

Here at SAE you will find a quiet and comfortable environment where you can organize your mind and concentrate on finding the joy of living and physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our common goal, for all clients, is to help them recover their lives by offering them the necessary professional support and guidance in an environment of acceptance, respect and dignity.
S.A.E. is dedicated to providing an individualized treatment of the highest quality for addiction in an environment of warmth and compassion. Confidentiality is maintained with the utmost respect. We treat each client with dignity and strive to replace hopelessness, fear and despair with optimism, hope, and a new way of looking at life. We offer a gateway to a life of sobriety, filled with new awareness, discernment, and a range of life skills and competences.
Our team of professionals is committed to the maximum of excellence, providing our clients with a personalized and close monitoring, which promotes the perception and the conviction that their goals and dreams can be realized.
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Margarida Monteiro
(Social Worker; Addiction Diseases Counseling Technician)


Rui Moreira
(Psychiatric Doctor)


Margarida Monteiro
(Social Worker; Addiction Diseases Counseling Technician)

Carla Guedes
(Clinical psychologist; Addition Diseases Counseling Technician)


  • Jorge Teixeira
  • Fernando Lopes Ferreira